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Host of Sweep The League Radio Show

Host of Sweep The League Podcast

Former Host of The Sports Dime Radio Show

Rudy Campos Jr., The Rated R Sports Star, was born & raised in San Antonio, Tx. A die hard UNC fan, he has a hunger for all sports. Whether it’s covering the NBA, NFL or MLB, Rudy will give you his honest opinion of everything going on in the world of sports.

He started out in 2016 as a podcast host for LINZ Sports, hosting the Rated R Podcast. Rudy then launched the Sweep The League podcast in 2018 which airs every Wednesday from 7-8 PM across all major social media platforms. In 2020, Rudy launched The Sports Dime Radio Show along with Carolina Teague which airs every Sunday from 10-11 AM on 930 AM The Answer. As of August 1, 2021, Rudy made the difficult decision to leave The Sports Dime.

A graduate of Central Catholic High School, Rudy loves to spend time with his family as well as covering as many sporting events as possible. He is also an avid bowler as well as a sports collectible collector.

Giovanni Aponte

Coach Gio - Sweep The League

Host of Sweep The League

Giovanni aka Coach Gio, aka the Ram-bassador, is one of the host of the Sweep the League podcast. He is a die-hard Rams fan who has a passion for football, basketball and all things sports. You can talk about the on-goings in the sports world with Coach Gio across social media platforms. Known for his trademark “R.I.P.”, Gio makes it well know your team doesn’t want to make his list.